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Nov. 26, 2003: How cleric trumped U.S.’s Iraq plan. Religious edict forced a rewrite of transition strategy. The unraveling of the Bush administration’s script for political transition in Iraq began with a fatwa. THE RELIGIOUS EDICT, handed down in June by Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, Iraq’s most influential Shiite Muslim cleric, called for general elections to select the drafters of a new constitution. He dismissed U.S. plans to appoint the authors as fundamentally unacceptable. More NBC.

Nov. 20, 2003: U.S. frigate makes historic visit to Port of Saigon. HO CHI MINH CITY - Making a historic visit to the territory of a former foe, the U.S.S. Vandegrift cruised up the Saigon River today for a simple ceremony that vividly illustrated how far relations between the two nations have progressed since the Vietnam War. More SJMN.

Nov. 17, 2003: Schwarzenegger takes oath of office. Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in Monday as the 38th governor of California, completing a meteoric rise from bodybuilder and action hero to leader of the nation’s most populated state in a historic recall election. More NBC. Text of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's inaugural SF. Chronicle. Menus for Inauguration Day events by SJMN. Inauguration Day schedule.

Nov. 14, 2003: Alabama Judge Is Removed. Moore Installed Monument to Commandments. MONTGOMERY, Ala. Roy S. Moore, the unbending chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court whose defiant display of a granite Ten Commandments monument made him a hero to many Christian conservatives, was removed from office Thursday by a state disciplinary court. Moore is not barred from running again for chief justice. Moore also could appeal the decision to the Alabama Supreme Court, an option he said he is considering. More Wash. Post.

Nov. 13, 2003: Payments face scrutiny. A Mercury News/Viet Mercury investigation has followed the route of these elderly immigrants to a network of doctors and medical testing services in Los Angeles County. The offer spread by word-of-mouth among elderly Vietnamese immigrants in Santa Clara County, many of them with limited incomes: Spend a day riding a charter bus to Southern California, and they would get a free health checkup, a free lunch and a gift of nutritional supplements. Hundreds of elderly people found the offer too good to pass up. And as a result the federal Medicare program was billed thousands of dollars for each of their examinations. The total bill: more than $1 million for services that may not have been necessary and in some cases were never performed. More SJMN.

Nov. 12, 2003: Vietnam unearths treasures of its past. Calling it the most significant find in Vietnam's history, archaeologists Tuesday displayed thousands of artifacts from an ancient city discovered during excavation for a new National Assembly building in the capital.The site contains vestiges of the ancient city of Thang Long, or ``Ascending Dragon,'' as Hanoi was once known. According to legend, the city earned that name because the first Ly king was said to have seen a dragon rising above the city when he moved the royal compound there in 1010. Among the well-preserved objects were ceramic dragons and urns as well as bowls, cups, dishes, knives and pieces of pillars believed to have held up the palaces of kings from the Ly, Tran and Le dynasties. More SJMN.

Nov. 7, 2003: What can the U.S. do about Putin?. The need to secure Russia’s help in the war on terrorism has softened the focus on events inside America’s one-time nemesis. In exchange for military and geo-political favors, the U.S. abandoned what little moral leverage it had over the behavior of post-Soviet residents of the Kremlin on issues like fair elections, a free media or the treatment of minorities. Now, with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin having jailed his main political rival for alleged economic misdeeds, what constructive role can the United States play in arresting a slide toward authoritarianism that could have awful consequences? More NBC.

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