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Tom H/W Guide
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Price Watch (dirt cheap)
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Shields Up! by GRC, by Sygate your Firewall
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Internet news
To Find which domain is taken via InterNIC

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American Policy Institutions & Think Tanks on U.S. Policies:
Cato Institue
Council on Foreign Relations
Foreign Affairs
Brookings Institution

San Jose Vietnamese & Bay Area / Interested Media and Newspapers:

Lao Ðộng

Hà Nội Mới


Saigon GP English

Vietnam Economy English

Saigon Tiếp Thị

Radio Free Asia

Người Việt

San Jose Mercury News
San Franciso Examiner
San Francisco Chronical
O.C. Register

Newspapers from all 50 states, 
To Read from America

Houston Chronicles
The Dallas Morning News
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
The Seattle Times
Washington Post
New York Times
USA Today
The Economist
Calgary Herald
National Enquirer
Fox News
National Geographic
Time Magazine
Newsweek Magazine
PBS Newshour
 Far Eastern Economic Reviews 
Miami Herald
  BBC  London, U.K
CNN News
ABC News
CBS News
NBC News
Ha'aretz (Israel)
  The Star (Can) National Post (Can) The Globe&Mail (Can) CBC News Canada

Political parties, government agencies and other organizations:
Executive Branch
Legislative Branch
Congress Directory
Library of Congress
United Nations
Amnesty International
Democratic Party
Republican Party

U.S. Embassy Hanoi / Saigon / Canadian Embassy

One-stop US Government
Data site for all info needed

National Association of
African American Studies


Vietnamese Organizations
Jam Tse Cho Ling Dharma Center, Toronto Canada English Vietnamese French Lotus With the guidance of His Eminence the 9th Tulku Neten Rinpoche, the Jam Tse Cho Ling Dharma draws on the spiritual tradition of His Holiness The Dalai Lama and dedicates to the preservation of Tibetan Buddhism of Gelugpa and its lineage.
Lotus Home Hoa-sen Buddhism in English & Vietnamese-- in Vietnamese, recommending reading Kinh
the greatest logics, a must to read; this is not a bible in a common sense, but rather the philosophical and analytical thinking. Try it, go to Kinh Ðại Thừa and click on Kinh Lăng-Nghiêm

Horoscopes - Asian Astrology and Fun Things:
Asian Astrology
Horoscopes with Fortune Cookies
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MSN Car Point Edmund Car Guide