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City of San Jose the 11th largest of USA with more Vietnameses than any city intheU.S.
S.C.C District Attorney (D.A )and San Jose Police Department (SJPD)see below
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Bay's Area Elected Officials:
City of San Jose
Santa Clara County
Board of Supervisors
Chuck Reed    Mayor of San Jose
Peter McHugh   District 3
Pete Constant     District 1
Don Gage    District 1
Forrest Williams    District 2
Blanca Alvarado   District 2
Sam Liccardo     District 3
Ken Yeager   District 4
Vacant   District 4
Liz Kniss   District 5
Nora Campos    District 5
 United States Senate
Pierluigi Oliverio    District 6
 Dianne Feinstein     U.S. Senator, California
Madison Nguyen   District 7
 Barbara Boxer         U.S. Senator, California
David D. Cortese    District 8
United States House of Representative 
Judy Chirco          District 9
 Mike Honda U.S. Representative District 15
Nancy Pyle   District 10
 Zoe Lofgren   U.S. Representative District 16

Larry Wilson     Chairman, District  4

Rosemary Kamei        Director, Disrict  1
Joe Judge       Director, District  2
Robert Gross       Director, District  3
Greg zlotnick       Director, District  5
    Tony Estremera    Director At Large North
    Sig Sanchez     Director At Large South

Important Government Agencies for help

Office of the District Attorney, Delores Carr , San Jose Police Department, Chief Robert Davis

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