Consultancy Project

Translation: Our agency will provide translation from English into Vietnamese (or Vietnamese to English for contracts purposes) for businesses who wish to establish a marketing presence in the Vietnamese community here at home, America and beyond.

We have experienced and Vietnamese staffs who are trained, linguistically and culturally sensitized of issues concern the Vietnamese community.

Media and Public Relations Marketing: We would provide appropriate documentations or marketing strategy to establish a presence in the Vietnamese community.

Establish a most efficient and cost effective media advertising or presentation for your products. Outsourcing your needs to maintain  and control your expenses and costs if required.

Fees Structure, Negotiable, However basic costs:

Translation: per word $.50. For a minimum 1 page job $200.00/page regardless of words/page.

Consultation: $175.00/hour, $1,200.00/work day.

Notes: All work done will be provided by internet documents (MS Word format) delivery including typesetting without costs.

Experiences: Works done for Santa Clara county, State of California, Federal Programs and Governor of California Public Relations Office.

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