Serving The Community


In order to reach out to the cultural diversity and comprehensive services to our community, we have started the beginning stages of a multi-agency Coalition. VAC has joined forces with Yu-Ai-Kai, a Japanese organization, the Northside Filipino Association, the Korean Center, Self Help for the Elderly (SHE) and POSSO's Portuguese Center. We feel strongly that cooperating together to serve minority populations, our services will have a greater impact on the community. The project aims at:


VAC, as a member of by the Coalition of Minority Senior Services Providers such as Korean Community Center, Filipino Community Center, Yu Ai Kai (Japanese), Self-Help for the Elderly (Chinese) and POSSO (Portugese);  has coordinated workshops to train people to spread out the awareness of how to prepare for the major disaster such as earthquake and how to rescue if disaster would happen and we are continuing to collaborating in senior programs.

VAC is committed to working with other members of the Coalition to secure and provide needed emergency training; to assess and document the special language, cultural and social needs of the elderly as it affects disaster preparedness; and to establish an on-going network for our communities.


The purpose of the Compulsive Gambling Counseling Program is to increase the awareness of the risks associated with compulsive gambling including the cause and effect of family problems within the Vietnamese Community through the provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate counseling program, control prevention education and to promote the positive activities. Participants will be emphasis on adult male and female, and family members affected by compulsive gambling of their relatives within the home environment.

The program will also develop linkages with each of VAC's components to ensure that all services recipients receive compulsive gambling control education and to promote a positive disposition toward games in general.


To increase active and information participation of Vietnamese American voters, the Civic Forum Project will provide information to voters before elections, allowing individuals to know the candidates and to understand the issues. Information is shared through:

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