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March 21, 1999: Amount to about $1 billion annually represents about 5% of GDP in Vietnam, or the equivalent of 11% of export earnings. Remittances bring in more foreign exchange than any other source, with the sole exception of oil exports. The typical overseas Vietnamese is therefore sending about $500 to family and friends in Vietnam every year, or the equivalent of about $2,000 per emigrant household of almost estimates with 2 million people outside Vietnam, also roughly 300,000 visits from overseas Vietnamese annually, and most of these visitors carry presents of cash back to their relatives. Details.

Tapped for the post by the president, congresswoman Loretta Sanchez of Santa Ana installed as co-chair a powerful post of DNC (Democratic National Committee) a move to keep voters away from the RNC at the same time add more women and minorities to top posts. Sanchez has been active in the Vietnamese community in Little Saigon and will be going to Vietnam on March 26, 1999, reportedly would name human rights issue to Hanoi.

March 20, 1999: Little Saigon division still an issue, returns after unity on Truong protests worried leaders: the anger directed at Lam, the nation's first Vietnamese American elected official, represents not the future of the Vietnamese American political movement, but the past--a return to the community's long history of divisiveness. This is just one small group. The suit was filed on Thursday to stop a group leader Ky Ngo.

"We've made a point at the restaurant. Now we should leave. We should be at City Hall. This should be political, not personal."  said Dietrich Nicholson of Garden Grove, who was the first person to urge Lam's recall at council meeting earlier this week.  Westminster police Lt. Bob Burnett said that Lam's restaurant closed after about 100 protesters slashed tires of patrons' cars and assaulted a customer.

March 19, 1999: Next vigil night, San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza on Saturday night, March 27 at 6PM. For more information, contact Thuc Huu Khuong. A move to recall councilman Tony Lam made wrong filing in paperworks, needs to be redone and must be within 200 words only.

March 18, 1999: Organizers of "Light the Fire of Belief" have met again last night to discuss future activities with regards to coming memorial dates in Vietnam history. Students and all have planning for the April 30, 99 events in San Jose. Next rally is in San Francisco at U.N Plaza unconfirmed this Saturday Mar. 27, 99 organized by S.F Vietnamese American.

Sunday, Mar. 21, 99 at 1p.m, at Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Garden, 599 North  9th Street at Jackson,San Jose, California.
commemoration of the two heroines ladies of Vietnam, Ladies Trung Trac and Trung Nhi led an uprisings in 39 A.D and took control of 65 citadels from the Chinese in about 40 A.D., and regained independent for 2 years. Both committed suicide in the Hat river in the year of the Cat, on February 6, 43 A.D.

In the following years  in 248 A.D., Lady Trieu Thi Trinh also repelled the Chinese once again, after cornered by the Chinese, Lady Trinh also committed suicide rather surrender.

Though short lived, however they have inspired the Vietnamese people for centuries in  their resistance of foreign domination ever since. They all died at the very young age of early twenties.

March 17, 1999: Truong released by judge without bail for voluntarily surrender to police. admitted copied tapes with approval disputed by one distributor. Thai protester's attorney said: "I don't think the community is gleeful over this at all." But problems with the D.A., District Attorney Tony Rackauckas appeared at a rally outside Hi Tek video alongside other Republican leaders in  support of the demonstrators. Vietnamese businesses face eviction downtown.

March 16, 1999: Protesters packed city council to recall councilman Lam for not appearing at HiTek video protest, who survived a recall by firefighters union in 1994, which requires 6,566 signatures or 20% of 32,834 voters. Pictures: San Jose March 12, 99-  1, 2, 3, 4   Sacramento March 14, 99- 1, 2, Washington D.C March 13, 99- 1, 2. 500 people rally in Sacramento. Truong in court for piracy charged with felony. He came voluntarily to Westminster P.D for booking.

March 15, 1999: Small protest at Vien Dong Restaurant, councilman Tony Lam's business in Westminster. Letter of support to San Jose Vietnamese community vigil night from Zoe Lofgren, U.S Rep., district 16.

March 14, 1999: U.S representatives Tom Delay and Sheila Jackson Lee sent letter of supports to Vietnamese community in Houston, TX on last night  vigil. Perspective on 1st Amendment by L.A Times also the passion behind the protests. Does Little Saigon:  "wind of change"  in American politics both in America and Vietnam in the years ahead?.

March 13, 1999: San Jose Lion Plaza, again, about 4,000 people at rally. Many missed last Friday now showed up for not wanting to miss this time. Group of 25 people wants to recall the only Vietnamese American elected official since 1992, councilman Tony Lam at his Vien Dong Restaurant, for not active participated in the rallies of Little Saigon. Houston rally reports 5,000 participated.

March 12, 1999: Little Saigon, is back to business as usual after almost 2 months of protests. Signs of video shops removed with 200 came to witness the final episode of Truong's. In the aftermath, slurs, continued to be investigated by police chief.

A political movement is blooming and politicians should beware of the potential Vietnamese American votes entailed amid the buying power of commerce as well as the tax collected by all level of governments. Tonight Vietnamese rally in San Jose,CA and Houston,Tx and tomorrow in Washington D.C.

March 11, 1999: Little Saigon drama will come to an end.Truong is moving out, asking landlord for arrangements to remove his belongings, no contest in court said Nancy Kaufman Truong's attorney. Meanwhile Leaders seek supportsand $3 million fromSacramento andover $220,000 raised yet to be spent until agreement as of how to. Rally in Washington D.C., at Vietnam Communist Embassy on Saturday, March 13 at 2 p.m.

Candlelight Vigil organizers reported officiallydonation total: $14,325.90 as cash and cheques received, expenses incurred about $2,594.85 to date; was low due to expenses already paid for by individuals into thousands of dollars as a form of contribution. The organizers on March 5 did not focus in the fundraising and using radios for this purpose, but instead, in the vigil night activities. Location for March 12 at San Jose Lion Plaza has announced in radios. Organizations involved 60 to date, raised up to $71,200 via radio and cheques or cash written to Que Huong radio. Tomorrow night would also have an enjoyable musical entertainment for participants.SJPD will be there to ensure a safe event again.

Hot!  Old news found ...but to see how Saigon, Vietnam newspapers received Dr. Ngai while he was  scheduled to help 50 patients free  (in Vietnamese) and brought medical equipments there and (in Vietnamese) other short news. If you miss his ordeals while he was there, see our links on Mar 5, 6.

March 10, 1999: Houston, Texas organizers' press release for Mar. 12 event. San Jose Friday night event has been officially announced, calling people to gather at Lion Plaza Mar. 12, the statement  signed by Mr. Mac Van Thuan in the morning, organized by the community group on Vietnamese radios, March 9, yesterday. However, later in the afternoon, Vietnamese radios indicated $5,000 is required to pay for insurance to secure the event' s area.

So, until the Lion Plaza is definitely secured, there may be some change in the location in the last minutes... and hang in there for more news!In Little Saigon, rumors boomerang profusely that Mr. Ho Anh Tuan of the community group unilaterally froze the $200,000 account without consultation to others. Westminster city council politics now condemned protests unlawful and inconvenienced neighbors in a statement released Tuesday afternoon.

March 9, 1999: Confiscated over 16,000 allegedly piracy tapes by police. As the result of his police escorted him into his shop to protect him for the rehang the infamy picture of Ho Chi Minh from protesters. While police was in the shop, saw and suspected Truong illegal duplicating equipments in the open with tapes hanging around without proper label. Truong's attorney said he would move to somewhere else. Unconfirmed reports that Friday March 12 rally will be in Lion Plaza, same time again.

March 8, 1999: Organizers for San Jose March 5, 1999 total 35 youth groups. Protests sprout to New Orleans yesterday. View video at 11p.m news KNTV 11 of Friday night Mar. 5, 1999. U.S. Rep. Sanchez will visit Vietnam on Mar. 26 would raise human rights issue there. Sanchez (Democrat) joins State Senator Joe Dunn (D-Garden Grove) after Repubican elected officials supported the protest in Little Saigon. Here in San Jose, none has publicly announced their supports.

March 7, 1999: Another view on San Jose Candlelight vigil at Lion Plaza from Orange County Register newspaper. All is quiet again, until next Friday night in San Jose organized by the Community group. In the meanwhile, Dr. Ngai is taking a rest after a long flight in returning home. Updated Preliminary reported by the vigil night organizers indicated about $8,000 was donated for the cost of the event. In addition to cheques, cash was put into the donation boxes which included not only $100 bill, but also penny, nickel and dime; indicating people willing to donate whatever they have in their pockets for the cause they believe in and the trust made to the young organizers. Next Friday Mar. 12, night possibly the torch will carry on in Houston, Texas. Pictures:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Mrach 6, 1999:Dr. Ngai returns to San Jose while at least 4,000 Vietnameses gather without any troubles at the vigil night in San Jose Lion Plaza. In Little Saigon 300 protesters cheer while police raid the video shop with piracy equipments and tapes. Picture. Poll re: Rights to be different. The changes in Little Saigon by Washington Post.

March 5, 1999:According to unconfirmed conversation with San Jose Mercury News reporter, HOT! Dr. Nguyen Van Ngai, Board Directors Chairman of Vietnamese American Council, while visiting Vietnam for medical training and demontration to Vietnamese medical staffs in Saigon was detained for three days after discovered he has connection with People's Action Party originated in California.

PAC party chairman Nguyen Si Binh had also been sentenced by the Hanoi government for planning to overthrow the government, he had been released and back to USA a few years ago. We will post more news once available on his ordeals. Updated American Embassy staff in Vietnam wants to keep a low profile in Dr. Ngai case for not wanting to "fanning the flames" and to keep San Jose Vietnamese from rushing out to protest San Jose Mercury News. Dr. Ngai is scheduled to arrive at S. F International Airport this evening after left Vietnam at noon today. At the same time Vietnam may welcome Pope visit.

D Day ! The location of the vigil night will be moved to Lion Plaza at Tully and King Road. Organizers of the vigil night have also met to coordinate a safe and enjoyable night for Vietnamese community with San Jose Police Department; Officers at the meeting were Lieutenants Younis, area commander and Katz. SJPD will be at the Lion Plaza to provide a safe event for everyone there tonight.Smaller crowd of protester at video store. Is it enough?. On Vigil of San Jose.

March 4, 1999:The committee "Light Up our Faith" to organize a vigil candlelight for Vietnam has held its first meeting at VAC office at 611 N. 13 Street, San Jose as scheduled. Pictures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. About 90 people including representatives of more than 32 organizations in San Jose attended. About $1,300.00 was donated for the event in the meeting and more supports would be forthcoming in the next few days including materials.

Vietnamese radios in San Jose continue to air live talk show all day since Tuesday March 2, 1999 and would probably open up until Friday night. The vigil will also be organized in Houston, Washington D.C .,Dallas and Austin. In Little Saigon noon time March 3,1999 representatives of California Republican Party   State Rep. Ken Maddox, D.A. Tony Rackaukas, State GOP Chief Tom Fuentes and State Senator Joe Dunn joined the protest at Hitek video shop, C.A.  GOP has also passed a resolution to support and called for the removal of Ho poster by Truong himself.

Mr. Hoang Trong Son ex partner with Truong said Truong received $500,000 from Vietnam.

March 3, 1999:Things seem to settle down in Little Saigon, protesters agreed Truong is now free to go in and out of his store with no more blocking. He is no more relevant and more focus in Vietnam. The rally will now travel to San Jose this Friday. County Republican party endorsement will come to the scene today to support protesters.

March 2, 1999:Tran came back to the store incited anger while community protests scaled down and focus on human rights in Vietnam. Police had to carried him off the area amid Truong screaming and kicking to break loose. Why racist remarks uttered, out of frustration? In the meantime, Vietnam denounced the protests in Little Saigon.

Today, Vietnamese radios in San Jose have announced the call to participate in a vigil night on Friday March 5, 1999 at 8 p.m at Andrew Hills High School, 3200 Senter Road, San Jose (Capital Expressway and Senter Road) organized byseveral youth groups in San Jose.  The war at home by L.A Times.

March 1, 1999:Sunday night  with only 700 in a peaceful protest. But San Jose Vietnamese Community continues to monitor the events in little Saigon or something is planning here?

February 28, 1999:Viewvideoson the protests( we have linked the Nguoi Viet at our links page for full screen reading in Vietnamese with latest news there). The last stand or the rite of passage? in hindsight. Only 3,000 people peak on Saturday night. Denials over forced $50 contribution in Saigon, Vietnam.

And other American opinion over this issue. Red berets of South Vietnam veterans  Army Rangers keep the peace at protests.

February 27, 1999:L.A Times reported anybody with $600 equipments could have made slurs, said Chief though no details of slurs have been given but described at best was very offensive, independently probe into the slurs by Costa Mesa P.D Chief not waiting for other P.Ds telling him if his officers involved .

Community would wait to see how the P.Ds investigate its own affairs, said the protest's attorney.Cultural training in police academy. And the flashlight vigil last night drew 15,000 or more directs toward democracy in Vietnam instead, the latest and biggest, loud, upbeat but peaceful. Pictures...  1, 2.

February 26, 1999:Truong refuses to move out of building and claimed he was evicted due to he was the man who created disturbances. And a few thousands people will be at his store tonight, but police expects calm and no trouble. Bad mouth from policemen - racial slurs in the county where there are 200,000 Vietnamese?

Monitored by 12 police agencies  and no one reported to Chief Cook of Westminster P.D.? Was it real in 1999? P.Ds face serious mental problems and community policing policy; Anti-Vietnamese comments by which police department?, overheard on police radios and others prompted internal investigations by many police departments in Orange County. Is the eviction of Truong works?

Latest News  By 20:20 hrs this Friday night, Saigon Radio Hai-Ngoai reported close to 20,000 have already and still pouring in en mass in front of Hitek video store at Bolsa Avenue and Bushard street. This vigil night organized by 22 youth (students) organizations.

Thousands and thousands of South Vietnam Flag-yellow and three red stripes are also beeing flown together with candles and flashlights shinning the whole area there. It looks like all Vietnameses tune in for the radio live reports tonight in both Orange, L.A county and Santa Clara county.

February 25, 1999:Tony Lam the first Vietnamese elected officials emotionally explained why he cannot get involved in the protest, by city attorney's advise to all councilmembers and was criticized by both his wife and the community.

Also Tran Truong background by L.A Times. The situation seems to calm down for the time beeing, perhaps awaiting to truong responses from the eviction in the next few days.

However, protest's attorney has met with police to ensue a peaceful event in the future. Money reportedly raised up to $200,000 envied by others including Westminster city and Vet's group, But no one realized people sacrified their low income to support the cause, as reported earlier one woman gave $500 half of  her monthly income.

Meanwhile deals in the making to end the volatile situation by County Human Relations, forget the unpaid rent  allegedly of $9,000 to $20,000 owed and let him move out.

Here are videos and other news on the protests in Little Saigon. Also videos from Mr. Bui Tin, former Deputy Editor in Chief of Nhan Dan newspaper, an official Communist party daily news publication and former colonel of North Vietnamese Army came to Saigon to receive the surrender in 04-30-1975, including surrender announcements on radio, and others such as, the formers officials of South VN: Messrs. Nguyen Van Thieu, Nguyen Cao Ky, Duong Van Minh, Nguyen Khanh, Vu Van Mau, Cao Xuan Vy, Vinh Loc, Henry Kissiger and the infamy of late, general Tran Do of North Vietnam at Vietspace. (most in Vietnamese).

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